Welcome Home

MAC 42 Light Attack Helicopter Squadron

Second Deployment


My heart went out to the family of the member of this unit, who died one week before the unit's return, and to his comrades, who have lost a brother.  I am honored to have been invited to take pictures of this unit's return.

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Even those Marines, whose family members, friends and special girls could not make the long journey to welcome them home at Naval Air Station Atlanta were greeted with warm hugs, thanks to Chaplain Cheathem and the wonderful volunteers from the USO.   And each Marine was given a bag of goodies. 

A few days before the unit was due to return, my friend Carla Brown from the Cobb Convention and Visitor's Bureau (and the Marietta Kiwanis Club, a real trouble maker ...) asked if I could see whether the Kimmer and Wayne "No Offense" and Perspiration John might be able to arrange for the Kimmer to make an announcement on air, because they wanted to see if people would be willing to donate items to thank the Marines who had just risked their lives for all of us.   Being the Official Kimmer Photographer/Stalker,  I knew a thing or two about his habits, but would he be willing to get involved in something charitable, and especially, something involving Marines?  No one can accuse the Kimmer of being rotten to the Corps.  Of course he made announcements and a huge list of wonderful individuals and companies pitched in to contribute goodies for the guys and gals coming back from war.  

LAHS CRW_5687.jpg

Chuck Adams bought almost all of the remaining (several thousand) Kimmer Comedy Classics CD's (with all proceeds going to the US Marine Corps Reserves Toys For Tots) and asked Kimmer and Wayne "No Offense" to autograph 125 copies, so each of the Marines could have one.  But he did not stick around long enough when he dropped them off at the Cobb Convention and Visitors Bureau to be thanked.  Here is how Official Kimmer Marine Babe, Lt. Col. Marcia Place, reacted when she found that there were autographed copies of the Kimmer CD in each and every bag:

LAHS CRW_5715.jpg

LAHS CRW_5711.jpg LAHS CRW_5714.jpg

Residence Inn-Cookies every time

National Museum of Patriotism 200 passes

Marietta Museum of History-Passes each time

Cobb/Marietta Museum of Art-Passes both times

Cobb Chamber-Post its

World of Coke-Passes

Enterprise Rental Cars-Water bottles and coupons

Atlanta History Center-Passes

Patti Smitherman-Candy

Kathi Kelly-150 large tubes of toothpaste and 150 tooth brushes

Phillip Beggs-Donated $40

Hampton Inn-Cookies

Riverside Bank-Brewster’s Ice Cream certs

Cumberland Marriott Courtyard-Hotel Stays


Six Flags/White Water-200 Passes

Geiger Printing

Sun Valley Tickets

US Play-Passes


 LAHS CRW_5710.jpg

Copies of The Purpose Driven Life were donated by an American Legion Hall


Carla Brown wrote: "David C. Jones, President of Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen, Inc. in Helen, Ga heard Kimmer's appeal on the air and communicated the request to his Marketing Director, Renee Chacon and she in less than 24 hours was successful in contacting and getting items from 22 companies in Helen Georgia, and the Helen Convention and Visitor's Bureau was a huge help with this as well and Renee drove these items to my office already bagged up and ready to go early that Friday…..AMAZING !!!"


Companies in Helen, Ga

Alpine Classics

Hansel & Gretel Candy kitchen

Unicoi State Park Lodge

Black Bear Dinner Theater

The Troll Tavern

La Cabanna Mexican Restaurant

Black Bear Forest Park

Alpine Golf

Alpine glass Blowing Shop

Damron’s Glass Engraving and Gifts

Elevations Day Spa

Charlemague’s Kingdom

Helen Chamber of Commerce

Country Inn and Suites

Sweets R Land/Blimpie’s

Alpine Helen/White County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Georgia Mountain Madness

Lund’s Hideaway

Alpenhof Motel

Creekwood Resort Cabins and Campground

Chattahoochee Ridge Lodge

Hofbrau Riverfront Restaurant

Christmas Shoppe


You all make me proud to be an American.

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