Seeds for the Heart

My friends Linda and Tony have long been involved with helping others, especially the homeless and those in really bad circumstances.  For years they have quietly donated their time to the people society tends to forget, and have organized the collection of clothing and food and have been there as shoulders to lean on for people who don't normally even have that luxury.

 Anyone who knows me well knows that I am generally opposed to organized religion (don't get me started ...) as I have encountered so many instances of what I refer to as "pseudo-Christians" who display a fish symbol on their car and believe that tithing a percentage of their income entitles them to beat their chests about what great Christians they are, while generally treating others as badly as humanly possible.  Those folks aren't Christians.  To be a Christian means to strive to be Christ-like -  to love others and accept them despite the fact that they might be different or less fortunate.  Linda and Tony walk the walk, and are some of the few true Christians I have met in my life.  They have gathered a group of like-minded people with the aim of making a difference.  I am proud to know them all, and to know them is to love them.   I am grateful that they allowed me to take part in their endeavors this year and I am really looking forward to helping again next year.

Here's some of what Seeds for the Heart did in 2002:


First Annual Walk for the Harvest


First Christmas Party



Second Christmas Party