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I had been reading a lot about the 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser recently, the vehicle having caught my eye in various ads and the few fleeting moments I actually saw some of them on the street.  I loved the styling, which reminded me of hotrods of my youth, and the reviews in the automotive publications were generally enthusiastic.  I was captivated by the thought of having so much room and the ability to configure the seats 25 different ways.  I even took a test drive at the one dealership in Atlanta which has one to test drive, and was seriously considering ordering one. I knew from talking with people at the dealerships that it would take six months to receive the one I wanted after ordering it.
 I also called one of the local CARMAX dealerships, as I had purchased my last car at CARMAX and was happy with the experience and pleased that several friends I had referred there also were happy with the vehicles they had purchased there.  I checked out the CARMAX web site and was surprised to see that they actually had some in stock.  I called the location in Duluth and asked to speak with a sales consultant , who informed me that CARMAX was selling their PT Cruisers at $ 100 under Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (sticker price), unlike many of the dealerships, who were gouging customers for as much as $ 8,000 over MSRP on the PT Cruisers they had managed to procure.  The sales consultant informed me that CARMAX was holding a lottery for the right to purchase a PT Cruiser at $ 100 under MSRP and asked if I would like to have my name added.  Of course, I said that I would like that, secure in the knowledge that they would never select my name.  That was on Friday. 
The following Monday, at work, I received a call from the sales manager at CARMAX, informing me that I had won their lottery and could buy my choice of the six PT Cruisers they had in stock, but I had to buy it that day, or the car would go to someone else.  My boss (the best on Earth) allowed me to leave early so that I could make my way across town.  That was an agonizing journey.
 I really liked my '96 Toyota Paseo and REALLY liked the payment I had on that car, but knew that it had 72,000 miles on it and that I would have to have the brakes done soon as well as the other inevitable small investments one has to make on a car which is getting older.  The main problem with that car was that the trunk would not accommodate many items larger than a toothbrush and, being a homeowner, that became a real hassle whenever I made my frequent journeys to the "Hundred Dollar Depot."  I also had my heart set on buying a Limited Edition PT Cruiser, which is top of the line, with power windows, door locks, moon roof, leather seats and steering wheel and gear shift and all of the fancy doodads I had never been able to afford in a car before.  I also wanted a five-speed manual, as I am a five-speed freak, and pretty much wanted the Deep Cranberry Pearlcoat I had seen.  I knew that CARMAX had received two Limited Editions, both in Patriot Blue Pearlcoat and both with automatic transmissions.  The Deep Cranberry Pearlcoat PT Cruisers they received were base models.  I elected to check out one of the Patriot Blue Limited Editions.  One look and I was hooked.  I took it for a short test drive, during which I checked out the acceleration, and five hours later I was driving home in my brand new car, all smiles.

Be forewarned, if you buy one of these cars, you must be prepared for the droves of people who have never actually seen one in real life who want to ask you all about your car.  People will not stop staring at it and sort of mildly freaking out whenever I drive by. You will need some sunglasses.   I guess that will be the norm until production is increased and the market is saturated with them. It's exactly the same phenomenon which happened when VW introduced the New Beetle a few years ago.  I filled it up today at a Quick Trip for the first time and thought I would never make it out of there.  I guess it's my little "brush with celebrity."  Whatever it is, I like it.  And I love my PT Cruiser.


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