Mountain Trip


My friend Ralph and I took a trip to the North Georgia mountains (near Jasper) to take some Fall pictures.  It was foggy that day, but we took some cool pictures and had a great time.

All photos 2004 Stephen H. Moore

All rights reserved

Mountains CRW_5527.jpgMountains CRW_5537.jpg

Mountains CRW_5542.jpg Mountains CRW_5543.jpg

Mountains CRW_5544.jpg Mountains CRW_5546.jpg

Mountains CRW_5547.jpg

Mountains CRW_5548.jpgMountains CRW_5549.jpg

Mountains CRW_5550.jpgMountains CRW_5551.jpg

Mountains CRW_5555.jpgMountains CRW_5556.jpg

Mountains CRW_5561.jpgMountains CRW_5566.jpg

Mountains CRW_5568.jpg

Mountains CRW_5569.jpgMountains CRW_5573.jpg

Mountains CRW_5574.jpg

Mountains CRW_5572.jpg

Doggie Rest Stop

Mountains CRW_5575.jpg

Mountains CRW_5577.jpg

Mountains CRW_5578.jpg

Mountains CRW_5580.jpgMountains CRW_5582.jpg

Mountains CRW_5585.jpgMountains CRW_5587.jpg

Mountains CRW_5596.jpgMountains CRW_5598.jpg

Mountains CRW_5599.jpg

Mountains CRW_5601.jpg

Mountains CRW_5602.jpgMountains CRW_5603.jpg

Mountains CRW_5604.jpg

Mountains CRW_5606.jpgMountains CRW_5608.jpg

Mountains CRW_5609.jpgMountains CRW_5611.jpg