Michael and Isabelle Ferrusi

I had the honor of meeting Michael and Isabelle Ferrusi recently.  While Michael was serving in the Army overseas, Isabelle wanted to surprise him by fixing up his bike.  She attempted to get parts made for it by local shops in Savannah, but those parts were not working so well, so she called Billy Lane, the famous bike builder from Choppers, Inc. and asked for his advice.  Billy Lane wanted to do something to thank the men and women serving in the military and asked Isabelle if he could give the bike a makeover himself.  Billy and several of his fellow custom bike builders built out Michael's bike in front of crowds of people during his Blood Sweat and Gears show in Daytona and rode up to Savannah to personally hand the keys over to Michael when he returned. 

Keith Ball, who was the Editor-in-chief of Hot Bike magazine, asked me to go to Savannah to photograph Michael and Isabelle and that incredible bike.  Thanks to Joe Thompson of the Wormsloe Historic Site, we had use of that majestic plantation for the shoot.  We also took pictures at River Street and Michael got permission from the Chief of Police of Tybee Island to ride the bike on the pier.  We had a great time.   Michael and Isabelle were very gracious hosts and I am so glad I made the trip down to Savannah to meet them.  I came back with cool pictures, fond memories and new friends.

I took another trip, to Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, to photograph Michael and Isabelle as they thanked Billy Lane and the other builders, who so graciously spent their time, effort and money as they continued on the Blood, Sweat and Gears Tour, making extraordinarily-cool bikes for people who put their lives on the line for us.

Look out for the October 2005 issue of Hot Bike magazine. 

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Wormsloe Historic Site

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 River Street

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Tybee Island Pier

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