The Keller Family

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Tangerhuette 1Tangerhuette 2

Sven, Volker and Harry in Hanover

Keller 1

Volker, Jean-Luc, Harry, Claudia and Sabine

  Keller 2

Keller 3Keller 4

Jean-Luc and Volker                                               Jean-Luc                    

Keller 5Keller 6

                                 Volker, Harry and Claudia                                            Claudia and Sabine                                    

Tangerhuette 7

Harry, Uncle Frank and Beate

Tangerhuette 8Tangerhuette 9

Tangerhuette 105

Tilman, Beate and Harry

Tangerhuette 10Tangerhuette 11Tangerhuette 12

Grandfather's Wood Carving


Tangerhuette 6

Uncle Ralf (in uniform), Uncle Frank and mom