A Taste


Following are a collection of what I consider to be my best pictures.

You are welcome to look at them. 

Please bear in mind that they are all

2003 Stephen H. Moore

(Moore Consulting/SHMOORECOMP). 

All rights are reserved.

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Buckingham Palace 1

Church 44Church 45



Canal At NightDCP_2546.jpg

Golden Gate 1Golden Gate 20

Mountain Road 3 a

Mountain Road 17 a

Virgina Sunset


Castle 4

DCP_3227 c

SunsetPolaris 2

Nations 34 July 4

Fount 2Fount 1

Fount 3

Skyline 2

DCP_2642Abschied 1

Marriot 1Marriot 2Marriot 3

Clouds 13Tangerhuette 3B-17 2

Flight Line

Peachtree Road Race

GuitarChurch at Damrak 2

Heater 11 a

Tangerhuette 86Sunset 3 a

Sunset 4 aFlowers 4 a

New Clouds 1

Terry's Rose

Storm Sunset 4

Play Ball 9


Atlanta Fall Skyline 15

Houses of Parliament 2

Scottish Soccer Hooligan

Passageway with Blue Umbrella

Falcons 22Falcons 18

Lisbon 14

NYE @ Doc's 26

Claudia & Angie web 34Claudia & Angie web 39

Dayron & Stever 38 web