Falcon's Game

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My friend Dennis won a radio contest, which included two tickets for the Falcons football game (vs. the Chicago Bears).  Here is some of what we saw.



Statue of a gymnast leftover from the Olympics

Falcon's 2

Dennis posing for a picture by the reserved parking sign of a man whose parents had a real sense of humor. 

I wonder if he has a sister named "Bottoms."

Falcons 3

Falcons 4

Cool angles inside the Georgia Dome

Falcons 5Falcons 6

Falcons 7Falcons 8

Falcons 9

Falcons 10 Falcons 11Falcons 13

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra preparing to play the Star Spangled Banner

Falcons 14Falcons 15

Falcons 16

The best reason to attend a Falcon's game

Falcons 17 Falcons 18

Falcons 19Falcons 20

Falcons 21

Falcons 22Falcons 23

Falcons 24Falcons 29

Passing through the CNN center on the way back to the car

Falcons 25

Centennial Olympic Park

Falcons 27Falcons 26

Falcons 30

Falcons 31Falcons 32

Falcons 33Falcons 34

Falcons 35

Falcons 36

A homeless man, seeking shelter from the rain

Falcons 37Falcons 38Falcons 39