Everybody's Pizza and the Gekko Bar

Karen, Graham and John came over from the other side of the pond for a visit and I finally succeeded in dragging their behinds out to go to Virginia-Highland, the place where the Beautiful People hang out in Atlanta, or at least the locals.  Tourists go to Buckhead (idiots ...), while locals go to Virginia-Highland (an area of town named from it's main intersection - Virginia and Highland).  We had dinner at Everybody's Pizza and drinks at the Gekko Bar.

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John and Bob had not seen each other in 30 years, since they were both apprentices at British Telecom.  Here they are together again at Meehan's Pub in Vinings.

John & Bob 1John & Bob 2

Everybody's Pizza

Everybody's 1Everybody's 2

Everybody's 3Everybody's 4

Everybody's 5Everybody's 6

Everybody's 7Everybody's 8

Everybody's 9Everybody's 10

Everybody's 11Everybody's 12

Everybody's 13

Everybody's 14Everybody's 15


The Gekko Bar

Gekko Bar 1Gekko Bar 2

Gekko Bar 3Gekko Bar 4

Gekko Bar 5