Down Payment


Stephen H. Moore and Darren Gregory


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You donít have the market here on feelings

The fact I have a lot donít make me weak

If you could take a tenth of what Iíve done

And what Iíve seen

Then weíd see if you have room to speak



I donít have the time for this investment

Iíd rather not be barking up your tree

All those ups and downs on your

Roller coaster ride

Are giving me the longing to be free



You think I should be polishing my armor

I think you should be trying to grow a heart

God forbid that you should ever

Have to compromise

Letís not put the horse before the cart



You probably should be holding out for better

You think you have the goods, or so it seems

You could toss away a hundred

Diamonds in the rough

But youíll never be the woman of my dreams



Please accept this quarter for your troubles

To compensate for putting up with me

Consider it a measly little

Down payment toward

The sense of humor that you really need



© 2003  Stephen H. Moore and Darren Gregory