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This homepage is my scrapbook of things I hold near and dear. It is filled with photos (most of which I took) of family and friends, cool places I have been, interesting events I have witnessed, my beautiful hometown, Atlanta, my artwork, my songs, etc. I was inspired by VERY cool people to do this, and their opinions mean a great deal to me. This site contains neither profanity nor anything which could be considered to be offensive by reasonably intelligent persons. Come on in and set a spell!

I am an artist, musician, cunning linguist, accredited translator (German to English), japanophile, sushi journeyman, amateur therapist, , general wiseacre, world traveler, computer consultant, recovering IRC addict, student of life, sanctified funkmaster and ace photographer.

My bloodtype is also a good philosophy for life: B Positive!

I'm glad you're here.

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The Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR is the best investment I have ever made.  It has completely liberated me as a photographer.  I can now experiment with photography and do the things I always wanted to try.  I also take hundreds of pictures each week and it takes some time to sort through them, prepare them in Photoshop and post them on my web site.  I'll be adding more soon.  I am in the process of revamping my web site into a commercial section for photography and personal section.  In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing reprints of any of my pictures, please send me an e-mail at .

Thanks for your patience.



2006 First Dogwoods and More Spring Flowers 2006 More Spring Flowers 2006 First Spring Flowers

Dinner with Sy and his Family at Greenwood's

2006 Bally Total Fitness/Self Magazine Fitness Challenge Kick Off 2005 Toys For Tots Ride and 4th Annual Southland's Full Throttle Anniversary Party Kimmer's Hot Rod Kimmer Comedy Classics Shoot

2005 More Fall Color

2005 Veteran's Day Ceremony at Marietta Square 2005 First Fall Color 2005 USO Ride For Freedom Laura and Bryan Got Married

Dana and Sy Got Married

Kimmer's Super Trike 11 September 2005 Ceremony at Kennesaw MNBP 8th Annual Restored Car Truck and Bike Show 2005 Shelby Ride

Welcome Home VMFA-142 Flying Gators

First Annual Kimmer Braves and Bikes Charity Ride Azalea Park - Roswell Willeo Park - Roswell Vickery Creek (Old Roswell Mill)

Billy Lane and Hank Young at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

2005 1 in 8 Ride 4 July 2005 Fireworks in Marietta 2005 Muscular Dystrophy Association Ride Big Scary Authors Signing

Sophie's First Birthday Party

Hot Rod Show at Underground Atlanta June 2005 New Dragonflies 2005 Marietta Georgia All American Soap Box Derby Ducklings and Goslings

2005 Memorial Day Ceremony at Marietta National Cemetery

Motorcycle Maddness Wind Blown: American Motorcycle Fine Art Billy Lane's Blood Sweat & Gears Tour Michael and Isabelle Ferrusi

John Farr's Skeleton Bike

2005 American Diabetes Association Ride To Live Welcome Home MAC 42 Light Attach Helicopter Squadron 2005 Top Gun Ride Marietta Kiwanis Club 75th Anniversary

Chatahoochee River

9 April, 2005

YWCA Tribute to Women of Achievement 2005 Azaleas 2005 Tulips Bee

Atlanta Biker Fest at Underground Atlanta

More 2005 Spring Flowers Trip to Greenville Cootie Starks Weeping Willow

Kimmer Hot Bike and T-shirt Signing

2005 March Madness at the Park Tavern 2005 March Madness at the Park Tavern - Night Midtown at Night Backyard Stuff

2005 99X Sinner's Ball

2005 First Spring Flowers Dinner at Chipotle Welcome Home 4th LAAD! Great American Motorcycle Show 1

Great American Motorcycle Show 2

Great American Motorcycle Show 3 (JUMP!) Great American Motorcycle Show 4 Kimmer's Custom Chopper Third Shoot Kimmer's Custom Chopper Second Shoot

Kimmer's Custom Chopper First Shoot

Kimmer CD Signing at Roltime Fulfillment Kimmer CD Signing at Earl Small's HD 2004 Shop With a Hero

Agathe - Second Shoot

Agathe - First Shoot

 2004 Toys For Tots Ride Funeral Ceremony for Kenneth Earl Bramlett Another Rainy Day in Georgia  

 2004 Fall Color

29 October 2004 Tigers

29 October 2004 Orangutans 29 October 2004 Gorillas 29 October 2004 Tigers

29 October 2004 Clouded Leopard

29 October 2004 Lion

Another Rainy Day in Georgia 2004 Fall Color New Choco and Lucy Pictures

Itsy Bitsy Spider

2004 Atlanta Veterans Day Parade

2004 Ride for Freedom

Haloween 2004

Consolidated B-24J Liberator

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress


Mountain Trip

More Baby Orangutan

First Custom Chopper Shoot

Second Custom Chopper Shoot

Taj Mahal

More Big Cats

Baby Orangutans

Hot Rod Show

Burt Litton Street Rods

September 2004 - Even More Ducks on the Chattahoochee

The Chattahoochee Nature Center

Atlanta Shots 1

Atlanta Shots 2

Second Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden - Page 1

Second Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden - Page 2

Second Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden - Page 3

2004 Flowers Page 1

2004 Flowers Page 2

2004 Flowers Page 3

2004 Flowers Page 4

2004 Flowers Page 5
Roswell Mill.gif


Zoo Atlanta Lion

Zoo Atlanta Orangutans

Zoo Atlanta Gorillas

Zoo Atlanta Otters

2003-BT-Xmas0079-Copy copy.gif

Second Trip to Roswell Mill


Dobbins Air Show

The Blue Angels

BT Christmas Get Together at the Local Pub
Roswell Mill.gif More Ducks 1.gif More Ducks 2.gif Gorillas.gif

Big Cats.gif

Roswell Mill

More Ducks on the Chatahoochee Page One

More Ducks on the Chatahoochee Page Two

Gorilla My Dreams

Big Cats and a Big Nose
The-Kimmer%20copy.gif Sasha.gif Britney.gif Sonja's Birthday 2003.gif


2003 Toys For Tots Ride



Sonja's Birthday 2003

Cardinal, Sunset and the Moon
First Fashion Shoot.gif Lions and Tigers and Bears.gif 2003 Fall Leaves.gif 2003 Memorial Day Parade 1.gif

2003 Memorial Day Parade 2.gif

First Fashion Shoot

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My ...

2003 Fall Leaves

2003 Atlanta Veterans Day Parade Page One 2003 Atlanta Veterans Day Parade Page Two
First Harley Ride.gif 2003 Walk for the Harvest 1.gif 2003 Walk for the Harvest 2.gif 2003 Walk for the Harvest 3.gif

Halloween 2003.gif

First Harley Ride

Walk for the Harvest 2003 - Page One

Walk for the Harvest 2003 - Page Two

Walk for the Harvest 2003 - Page Three Halloween 2003
Another Day at the Chatahoochee.gif Day at the Chatahoochee.gif Trip to Dahlonega with Sy.gif Multi Birthday Party.gif

28 Oct Sunsets.gif

Another Day at the Chatahoochee - DUCKIES

Day at the Chatahoochee

Trip to Dahlonega with Sy

Multi Birthday Party 28 October Sunsets
ABG Page One ABG Page Two ABG Page Three.gif Hot Rods.gif

Stone Mountain Park Lake Shots.gif

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Page One

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Page Two

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Page Three

Hot Rods Stone Mountain Park Lake Shots
Highland Games.gif Highland Games Athletics.gif 12-Oct-03--033.jpg 11 Oct 03 -039 copy.gif  


2003 Scottish Highland Games at Stone Mountain 2003 Scottish Highland Games Athletic Events

First Fall Pictures 2003

Tom's Artwork Piedmont Park
03-Oct-03--016.jpg 03-Oct-03--119%20copy.gif 27-Sep-03--086-Cropped-Copy.gif   Seeds-for-Heart-One-Year-An.gif

Marietta Festival -Page One Marietta Festival - Page Two


Seeds for the Heart One Year Anniversary Iron Pigs
Japan-Fest-2003-General.gif Japan%20Fest%202003%20-%20Stephanie.gif Japan Fest Bon Odori.gif

Japn Fest 2003 - Dancing

Japan Fest 2003 - General Festival Japan Fest 2003 - Stephanie

Japan Fest 2003 - Bon Odori Dance

Japan Fest 2003 - Bonsai Japan Fest 2003 - Dancing
Japan%20Fest%20-%20Taiko.gif Japan%20Fest%20-%20Sumo.gif Japan%20Fest%20-%20Martial%20Arts.gif Japan%20Fest%20-%20Exhibits.gif  


Japan Fest 2003 - Taiko Japan Fest 2003 - Sumo

Japan Fest 2003 -  Martial Arts

Japan Fest 2003 - Exhibits Japan Fest 2003 -  Flower Pictures
 High-Museum-of-Art.gif 14-Sep-03-H-032-copy.jpg 14 Sep 03 Field of Flags.gif 11-Sep-03-Field-of-Flags.gif  


The High Museum of Art The Cows Came Home 14 September 2003 Field of Flags 11 September 2003 Field of Flags OBX at the Bar-Athlon Benefit
 Local-Pub-Sign.gif The%20Kids.gif Late-August-Clouds.gif Fountain.gif


Heater Band at The Local Pub 30 August 2003 The Kids Late August Clouds Fountain Late Summer Flowers
 Meehan's.gif Atkins%20Park.gif Coming-Soon.jpg Fado-Fado.gif


Meehan's Atkins Park The Building Next Door Fado Fado Some New Cloud Action
 Amsterdam-Bikes.gif Amsterdam-Bourbon-Street.gif Amsterdam-Bulldog.gif Amsterdam-Canals.gif


Amsterdam - Bikes Amsterdam - Bourbon Street Amsterdam - The Bulldog Amsterdam - Canals Amsterdam - Damrak
 Amsterdam-Leidseplein.gif Amsterdam-Miscellaneous.gif Amsterdam-Parade.gif Amsterdam-Vondel-Park.gif


Amsterdam - Leidseplein Amstedam - Miscellaneous Amsterdam - Parade Amsterdam - Vondel Park London - Tower Bridge
 London-----St.-Catherine's%20Dock.gif London---Butler's-Wharf.gif London-Covent-Garden.gif London-Houses-of-Parliament.gif


London - St. Catherines's Dock London - Butler's Wharf London - Covent Garden London - Houses of Parliament London - Abbey Road
 London-St.-James-Park.gif London-Trafalgar-Square.gif London-Buckingham-Palace.gif London---The-London-Eye.gif


London - St. James Park London - Trafalgar Square London - Buckingham Palace London - The London Eye Sonja's Party
 5-Jul-03-Heater-@-The-Local.gif Marietta-Square-By-Day.gif Marietta-Square-By-Night.gif Drew's-Birthday.gif


Heater @ The Local Pub - 5 July 2003 Marietta Square By Day Marietta Square By Night Drew's Birthday (2003) B-29 Superfortress
 27-Jun-03-New-Choco-2.gif 4-July-2003-00055-copy.gif 4-July-2003-00133-copy.gif 4-July-2003-00027.gif


Oh Great, Even More New Choco & Lucy Pictures Fourth of July at Darren & Claudia's House Fourth of July at Darren & Claudia's House Page Two Fourth of July at Bob & Momoyo's House Pappadeaux's
 5-July-2003-00114.gif 5-July-2003-00087.gif 5-July-2003-00157.gif 5-July-2003-00179.gif


Zoo Atlanta Page One Zoo Atlanta Page Two Zoo Atlanta Page Three Zoo Atlanta Page Four Zoo Atlanta Page Five
 New-Heater-18.jpg Claudia-&-Darren.jpg morning.gif Heater Band at Rick's Party 17.gif

Bon Fire.gif

New Heater Band Pictures Claudia & Darren Canon EOS 10D Pictures Heater Band at Rick's Party Marshmallow Roasting at Rick's Party
 Memorial Day 2003 10 EGAP11.gif Sakana-ya 10 Rainy Day 29

OBX White Wall 16

Memorial Day 2003 Eddie's Farewell Party Dinner at Sakana-ya Rainy Day in Georgia


Marietta Square 1 Top Of The Stairs 6 Randall's Dinner Trip To Virginia Back Yard 5
Marietta Square Top Of The Stairs Randall's Dinner Party Trip To Virginia Back Yard in Bloom
Ro's Birthday Celeste's Birthday

Preparing The Garden

Clean Cars Choco's Haircut
Ro's Birthday Celeste's Birthday (2003) Preparing The Garden Clean Cars Choco's Haircut
Birthday Boy.gif Living Room 9

Everybody's 15

Jutta Slide 18 gif Kim's Birthday 1
Surprise! Living Room Everybody's Pizza and the Gekko Bar Slides of Jutta Kim Szeredi's Birthday
Dayron & Stever 33 web Dayron & Stever 38 web Claudia & Angie web 4 Claudia%20&%20Angie%20web%2039.jpg Outback Steakhouese 14 Jan 8
Dayron & Stever Making Music Dayron & Stever Making Music     

Page Two

Claudia & Angie Claudia & Angie  

Page Two

Recent Excursions
Seeds for the Heart CP 50.gif Campfire 6 Campfire 6 Christmas Candles Heater Band
Play Ball! Campfire at Dennis's House Seeds for the Heart Christmas  2002 Heater Band Pictures
Main Title Seeds for the Heart CP 50.gif SFH 2nd CP.gif Thanksgiving 2002.gif Sonja's Birthday.gif
Ex Cons Party at the Local Pub Seeds for the Heart First Christmas Party Seeds for the Heart 2nd Christmas Party Thanksgiving 2002 Sonja's Birthday
Nancy's Halloween Party 2002 8 Atlanta Fall Skyline 6 Last Lunch 3 Walk for the Harvest 7 Dean & Ilse 2
Nancy's Halloween Party 2002 Atlanta Fall Skylines Farewell to the  Wing Commander Walk For The Harvest Ilse & Dean's Visit
Bon Voyage 5 Storm Sunset A.gif New Choco and Lucy John Mooney 10.gif Olympic Park 4
Keith's Bon Voyage Party Storm Sunsets   New Choco and Lucy Pictures John Mooney Kirstie & Mandeep's Excellent Adventure
Local Pub 1.jpg Lassiter's 12.jpg Sketch Falcon's 3 Yukari's Party 6
Stress Relief at the Local Pub Lassiter's Japan Fest 2002 Falcon's Game Yukari's Party
Jim's Party 6 Church 44 New Clouds 1 DCP_4479.jpg DCP_4490.jpg
Jim's Party Best Pictures New Clouds Amicalola Picnic Ceremony For Mom
DCP_4259.jpg DCP_4333.jpg DCP_4264.jpg DCP_4534.jpg DCP_3441 a.jpg
Down The Stairs Amicalola Falls Amicalola Trees There's Statues In Them Thar Hills! Ilse & Dean
New Heater 2011 a.jpg Chuck.jpg Terry's Rose e-mail DCP_3207 b DCP_2747.JPG


Chuck Yurko

Chuck's Funeral

Magnolia Blossom

Third Trip To Amsterdam








Cool Places

Die Giesinger Kompanie

Fall 2001





Hot Babes

July 4th at Stone Mountain




Lynne and John



More Amsterdam



My Job

My House

My PT Cruiser

My Puppies




San Francisco


The Stephenwolf

Some New Pictures


1999 Wings Over Dixie Air Show and Festival

Washington , D.C.

What I Did During My Summer Vacation


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