Chuck's Funeral

My good friend Chuck Yurko recently received the "invitation you can't refuse" (thanks, Father Bob) and passed away on Memorial Day.  Following are pictures I took at his funeral.

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Arrival 1.jpg

Arrival 2.jpg

Arrival 3.jpg

Arrival 4.jpg

Arival 5.jpg

Arival 6.jpg

Arival 7.jpg

Arival 8.jpg

Arival 9.jpg


The Ceremony.jpg

Ceremony 2

Funeral for a Friend.jpg 

Terry's Rose e-mail

Terry's Rose

Stephanie's Rose

Stephanie's Rose

Mrs. Yurko's Rose

Mrs. Yurko's Rose

  Michael's Rose

Patrick's Rose

Steven's Rose

Stephen's Rose

Mike's Rose

Mike's Rose

(I have an older, slower camera, and missed Lisa's Rose)

More Roses 1  More Roses 2 

 More Roses 4 More Roses 5 

 More Roses 6 More Roses 7 

 More Roses 8 More Roses 9 

 Dez's Rose More Roses 10More Roses 11  More Roses 12 

 Final Flowers 1   Flowers 2  Flowers for Chuck 1  Flowers for Chuck 2

Lisa, Mike, Terry and Stephanie 1

Lisa, Mike, Terry and Stephanie

Lisa, Mike, Terry and Stephanie 2Lisa, Mike, Terry and Stephanie 3

Lisa, Mike, Terry and Stephanie 4

Terry, Stephanie and Steve 1Terry, Stephanie and Steve 2

 Terry, Stephanie and Steve