Campfire at Dennis's House

In celebration of Jim's visit to Marietta from the distant, cold North (Michigan), Dennis decided to have a campfire in his backyard.  It's all the fun of camping without the hassles (hardly any bugs, available plumbing and no sleeping on the ground).

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Campfire 1

Jim and Dennis

Campfire 2

Jim and Dennis again

Campfire 3Campfire 4

Campfire 5

Campfire 6

Dennis, Jim and Mitzi (a sweet-natured, 100-lb. canine soft-serve machine)

Campfire 7Campfire 8

Campfire 9

Campfire 10

Campfire 11

Campfire 12

Campfire 13Campfire 14

Campfire 15Campfire 16

Campfire 17Campfire 18

Campfire 19Campfire 20