Billy Lane's Blood Sweat & Gears Tour

Myrtle Beach



I journeyed to Myrtle Beach to take pictures of Michael and Isabelle Ferrusi, when they appeared at Billy Lane's Blood Sweat & Gears Tour, to thank Billy and the others who contributed to making over Mike's bike.  Joining Billy on stage were Aaron Greene, Kendall Johnson, Mondo, Paul Cox, Ryan Edwards and others.  They spent hours fabricating a new bike, which will be given to a member of the armed forces, while the audience looked on, enjoyed free beer, got autographs and a video crew from the Discovery Channel taped everything for an upcoming show. 

All photos 2005 Stephen H. Moore

All rights reserved


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Left to right: Billy Lane, Kendall Johnson, Paul Cox, Aaron Greene, Michael Ferrusi, Isabelle Ferrusi, Ryan Edwards

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