Back From Korea         


Stephen H. Moore and Darren Gregory

(with input from Claudia and Angie and inspiration from the Wiener Dog Lady)  


While loading equipment into the van front of Darren's house, in preparation for the Ex-Cons Christmas Party,  I heard Darren mention something about "Here she comes."  He then made sure he had his head in the van, trying to keep a low profile.  I saw a middle-aged woman come walking up the street, walking a Dachshund.  She walked up to us, looked straight at me and said: "Guess who just got back from Korea!"  I looked at Darren and Chris, wondering why on Earth she was addressing me, as I had never set eyes on this person before.  After a moment or two, Darren said to her: "I'm guessing, it's you?"  She then launched in to telling us all about the trip she and her husband made to Korea.  As I had been preparing to play the song "Never Been To Spain" with the band, when she asked if I had ever been to Korea, I answered: "No, but I kinda like the music."  I also mentioned that I had heard they have an excellent nuclear arms program there.  This was the inspiration to write this song.


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Guess who just got back from Korea?

 Well, I'm guessing itís you

Itís a crazy little country

They donít speak English

Or look like we do

If youíve got a yearning

Nothing better to do

Than to see this world a-turning

Like a metal screw

You should book a flight to Korea

I sure hope you do


We jetted on over

Pre-Christmas vacation

Some family time abroad

Just got back yesterday evening

And, Lordy am I tired

We had to find a sitter

Leave the doggies at home

Cause they eat Ďem over there

Straight down to the bone

Guess who just got back from Korea

Itís good to be back home.


Ainít never been there

 Kinda like the music

But Iím a little alarmed

The evening news said

 In addition to Kimchee

They got nuclear arms

The Southern part is nice

And the food is kinda yummy

But the North is real poor

And I hear theyíre all Commies

Maybe you should cancel that trip to Korea

And just stay at home  


© 2003  Stephen H. Moore and Darren Gregory