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Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall in Antwerp

Town Hall

Hand Throwing Statue

In the middle of the 'Grote Markt' stands the Brabo fountain. The statue was made by sculptor Jef Lambeaux in 1887. According to a legend, a terrible giant, called Druoon Antigoon, lived on the banks of the river Scheldt in ancient times. Whenever sailors on the Scheldt river refused to pay toll to the giant, he punished them by cutting off their hand. A Roman soldier, Silvius Brabo, managed to kill the giant. Brabo cut off the hand of the giant and threw the hand away in the river. 

Hence, according to the legend, the name of the city : hand ( Engl.: hand) -werpen (Engl.: to throw). A nice legend, but untrue. Nevertheless, the 'hand' is the symbol of Antwerp. There are hands in the town flag. Also there are several sweets in the form of a hand (cookies, chocolates). In any case, without the Brabo fountain, the Grote Markt would not be complete. 

Hand Throwing Statue 2

Hand Throwing Statue and Town Hall

Brabo Fountain and Town Hall

Antwerp Building TopsAntwerp Building Tops 2

The tops of the buildings are ornately decorated

Building Tops and Cathedral

The Cathedral

Cathedral in Antwerp 1Cathedral in Antwerp 6

Cathedral Building

Cathedral in Antwerp 4Cathedral in Antwerp 4ACathedral in Antwerp 4 B

Cathedral in ANtwerp 4 CCathedral in Antwerp 4 DCathedral in Antwerp 4 ECathedral in Antwerp 4 F

Cathedral in Antwerp 5 ACathedral in Antwerp 5 BCathedral in Antwerp 5 C

Cathedral in Antwerp 5 DCathedral in Antwerp 5 E

Cathedral Statues 1Cathedral Statues 2

Statues in front of the Cathedral

The statue on the lower left is actually a street performer dressed as a statue



The entrance to the Steen is guarded by the 'Lange Wapper' statue. This statue was made in 1963 by Albert Poels and represents a legendary person called Lange Wapper, the Antwerp version of the boogie man. He terrified children and drunks. The name 'Lange Wapper is now also used for a new fountain in the river Scheldt.

Well, apparently he terrified kids and drunks with his huge crotch ...


Giant Statue 1

Giant Statue 2


The First Skyscraper in Europe 

The first skyscraper in Europe