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Brit Steve 1 Brit Steve 2

Brit Steve, passing through on his way to Borneo, via Singapore

I've never seen so many bicycles in my life

Canal at Night 2

Canal at night


Dam Square

Damrak at NightDamrak at Night 2

Dam Square at night

Church at Damrak

Church at Dam Square, where the royal wedding will take place

Church at Damrak 2

Church at Damrak 3Church at Damrak 4

Banner at the church, displaying the proverbial answer

Queens's Palace 2

The Queen's Palace

Queen's Palace 1


Queen's Palace at Daytime


Damrak in the Morning 2Damrak in the Morning 3

Damrak in the Morning

Damrak to the Right of the MemorialDamrak to the Right of the Memorial

Damrak to the Left of the Palace


Street at Damrak 2Street at Damrak

Palace and Church at Damrak

Toward the Central Station 2

Toward the central station

Toward the Central Station 3  Toward the Central Station 6

Handicapped CarSmart Car

On the left: a car for handicapped persons

On the right: a Smart car, a joint venture between

Swatch and Daimler Benz,

extremely small and inexpensive,

and if you don't like the color you can change

it by buying new body panels


Homo Monument

This sign cracked me up every time I left the hotel


The War Memorial

The War Memorial


Park near the Cobra Cafe

Park near the Cobra Cafe