Amsterdam - Parade

(You're not in Kansas anymore ...)

Drew and I met a local couple on Saturday morning at an outdoor cafe in Vondel Park.  They told us that the Parade (the Gay Pride Parade) was happening that day and explained that in Amsterdam, basically everyone, gay, straight, undecided or transmorphed,  hops in to boats and floats down the canal.  They told us that if we went to the right place, for an average of 10 Euros, we could get on a party boat and eat and drink our way down the canal in the company of very attractive young ladies.  They even were so kind as to write down specific instructions in Dutch, that we could hand to a cab driver later in the day, who would know exactly where to drop us off for Party Central. 

Several hours (and hundreds of photos) later, Drew and I went to the front of the cab stand by the Central Station, prepared with the Dutch instructions which would give us a small taste of Heaven on earth.  Unfortunately the cab driver, one of the many peaceful Islamic types who drive cabs there, could not speak or read Dutch.  Nor could any of the 12 or so of his compatriots at the cab stand.  However, they conferred amongst themselves and agreed where it was, our cabbie consulted a map, took off with us, looking as if this were his very first fare and ended up dropping us off about a half mile or so from our objective.

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I was amazed at everyone's skill at steering the various water craft.  There was not a single collision.   Of course, they don't have to contend with drunk rednecks on Ski-Doos, like the folks do at Lake Lanier.




After watching the parade until it was over, we decided to make our way through the throngs of people, back to the Leidseplein area, where we knew our way around.  There were huge street parties taking place, and as we watched what was happening before us, I finally came to the realization that I had struggled with for so long.  I had my suspicions, but this was the only confirmation I needed. 

Now I know that I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.