2005 Toys For Tots Ride


4th Annual Southland's Full Throttle

 Anniversary Party

December 4, 2005

The 2005 Toys For Tots Ride was a more intimate affair than the 2004 version, mainly because Mother Nature did not cooperate this year.  Rain was pouring when I woke up that morning and I suspected that it would have a negative effect on the turn out.  Those who did show up were hard core and well-bundled against the rain and cold.

Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson from Braves Radio 640 WGST hosted the ride (as he does every year), autographed copies of the 2005 (9th Annual) Kimmer Comedy Classics CD Set (please see below), met with fans and, of course, rode his new Super Trike.

 The ride started at Harley-Davidson of Cartersville, stopped at Earl Small's Harley Davidson in Marietta and ended at Fat Cat's in Austell, for the 4th Anniversary Party for Southland's Full Throttle Magazine.  Randy and Viv had a blast pulling tickets for door prizes and, although I had my heart set on that big screen plasma TV, I was happy to walk away with a police motorcycle jacket from 6th Gear Racing Apparel.  Now all I need is a bike ...

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All photos 2005 Stephen H. Moore

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You can help support Toys For Tots by purchasing a copy of the 2005 Kimmer Comedy Classics.  This year's collection features 2 CDs of new material and a bonus disk containing all the cuts from the Kimmer's previous 8 CDs, with photography by your's truly. Proceeds from each sale of Kimmer's Comedy Classics benefit the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program.

Kimmer COMEDY Classics 2005.jpg