2005 Shelby Ride

September 17, 2005

The 11th Annual Shelby Ride, presented by Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club Georgia Chapters, in memory of Sergeant Hoyt Teasley (Fulton County Sheriff's Office) and Officer Mark Cross (Atlanta Police Department) started at Earl Small's Harley-Davidson in Marietta and ended at Cowboy's Music Hall in Kennesaw.  Even more impressive than the turnout (over 215 bikes) was the generosity of the participants, who raised more than $50,000 to assist the families of the fallen officers.  The ride was escorted by the Cobb County Police Special Services Motor Unit who, as usual, looked impossibly cool as they rode in perfect formation.  Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson, local talk radio personality from Braves Radio 640 GST unveiled his incredible new custom trike, built by James Vadner at Earl Small's and painted by Latisha Wood of LWood Custom Painting and Engraving.

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