2005 Kimmer Comedy Classics CD Shoot


Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson from Braves Radio 640 WGST, Wayne "No Offense" Kitchens, Jim "The Newsmaker Line Guy" Gossett and Pete "Snake" Davis met with me at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to take pictures for the 2005 (9th Annual) Kimmer Comedy Classics CD Set.  The original plan was for Kimmer to ride his Super Trike and the others to ride along on their Big Wheels, but the Super Trike was in the shop, so everyone rode Big Wheels and passersby thought we were all nuts.



You can help support Toys For Tots by purchasing a copy of the 2005 Kimmer Comedy Classics.  This year's collection features 2 CDs of new material and a bonus disk containing all the cuts from the Kimmer's previous 8 CDs, with photography by your's truly. Proceeds from each sale of Kimmer's Comedy Classics benefit the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program.

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All photos 2005 Stephen H. Moore

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