2005 Great American Motorcycle Show 4

(American Dream Machines)

At the American Dream Machines booth, Roger Bourget of Bourget's Bike Works was meeting fans and signing autographs.  Charity Walden was kind enough to show me the various Bourget customs they had in stock and modeled the Magnum for me.


All photos 2005 Stephen H. Moore

All rights reserved


GAMC CRW_1737.jpg  GAMC CRW_1738.jpg

GAMC CRW_1739.jpg

GAMC CRW_1794 Detail.jpg

GAMC CRW_1795 Detail.jpg GAMC CRW_1796 Detail.jpg

GAMC CRW_1761.jpg GAMC CRW_1762.jpg

GAMC CRW_1753.jpg GAMC CRW_1763.jpg

GAMC CRW_1767.jpg

 GAMC CRW_1765.jpg

  GAMC CRW_1769.jpg GAMC CRW_1770.jpg

GAMC CRW_1759.jpg

GAMC CRW_1760.jpg GAMC CRW_1675.jpg

GAMC CRW_1757.jpg GAMC CRW_1758.jpg

GAMC CRW_1751.jpg GAMC CRW_1740.jpg

GAMC CRW_1750.jpg

GAMC CRW_1755.jpg GAMC CRW_1756.jpg

GAMC CRW_1778.jpg GAMC CRW_1779.jpg

GAMC CRW_1771.jpg

GAMC CRW_1773.jpg GAMC CRW_1775.jpg

GAMC CRW_1776.jpg 

GAMC CRW_1787.jpg GAMC CRW_1789.jpg