2005 First Fall Color

People think I'm nuts when I tell them that I drive around with my camera all the time.  I did not have an opportunity to go to any sort of destination to take Fall pictures this year.  My friend, Ralph, and I have been talking about going to the Tail of the Dragon up North, but our schedules did not permit it, so whenever I see something which catches my eye, I simply pull over, get the camera out and get some shots.  I'm hoping to squeeze a visit to the Druid Hills area in Atlanta into my schedule, if its not already too late.

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All photos 2005 Stephen H. Moore

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2005 FFC-2-CRW_0001.jpg

2005 FFC-2-CRW_0002.jpg

 2005 FFC-2-CRW_0003.jpg 2005 FFC-2-CRW_0004.jpg

 2005 FFC-2-CRW_0005.jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_0046(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9936-(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9937-(web).jpg

 2005-FFC-CRW_9938-(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9939-(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9940-(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9941-(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9942-(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9950(web).jpg

 2005-FFC-CRW_9951(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9950(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9952(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9953(web).jpg  2005-FFC-CRW_9957(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9958(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9959(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9961(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9962(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9963(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9964(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9965(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9966(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9967(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9968(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9970(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9971(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9972(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9973(web).jpg

2005-FFC-CRW_9974(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9975(web).jpg 2005-FFC-CRW_9976(web).jpg