2004 USO

Ride for Freedom

Earl Smalls Harley Davidson, Hooters and Krispy Kreme sponsored the 2004 Ride for Freedom, in support of the USO.  The Kimmer led the ride, which went from Earl Smalls Harley Davidson to Hooter's in Kennesaw.  The Marietta H.O.G Chapter, the Christian Motorcyclists Association and the Cobb County Motorcycle Team all contributed to a great ride, which raised over $ 3,500 for the United Service Organizations, which delivers its special brand of comfort, morale and recreational services to service members and their families at the 124 centers it operates around the world.   

Jason Yergin, a U.S. Army soldier who was part of the tank battalion that entered Baghdad at the start of the Iraq war was  home on leave and took part in the ride with his proud parents, Ann and Jonathan. 

All photos 2004 Stephen H. Moore

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Rob and kids

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Cobb County Police Escort

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Hooters Gals

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Rob Feller of Earl Smalls and the Kimmer

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Ann, Jason and Jonathan Yergin

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Kimmer Portrait


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