2004 Toys For Tots Ride

The United States Marine Corps Reserve

When the riders arrived from Cartersville at Earl Small's Harley Davidson in Marietta, it was amazing how many toys had been collected.  It was a good thing the USMC Reserves guys who were there brought that enormous 16-ton truck, because they needed it to transport all that goodwill.   The Marines presented Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson with an awesome plaque to show their gratitude for his continuing support for Toys For Tots.  The Marines also read aloud a letter from their commanding officer, thanking Earl Small for all that he does for the community.  I have the honor of knowing Rob Feller, the Public Relations Director at Earl Small's, and that dealership does a LOT for various charities. 

Some jerk wrote an e-mail to The Kimmer last week, accusing him of "patting himself on the back" about his involvement in the Adopt A Platoon program.  I think I can safely speak for all Kimmer Show Fans when I extend an invitation to the writer of that e-mail to BITE ME.  I remember when I was in the Army,  serving overseas, a long away from home.  I had the good fortune of serving during peace time, but I really started to miss home especially around the holidays and I think it's wonderful that so many people did so much to help our service members, many of whom are in harm's way and this would  not have ever happened if it weren't for The Kimmer.  I am a member of the Marietta Kiwanis Club.  Gunnery Sergeant Watson came to our meeting on December 9th to accept a check from the Kiwanis Club to Toys For Tots for just under a thousand dollars.   I felt really proud to be a member of that club.  Gunnery Sgt Watson announced that The Kimmer would be autographing CDs being sold (with 100 % of the proceeds going to Toys For Tots - that selfish bastard) at Earl Small's Harley Davidson on Saturday and mentioned how much the check was for that The Kimmer wrote for Toys For Tots and our jaws dropped.  He's a remarkably generous man. 

Semper Fi, Kimmer. 

All photos 2004 Stephen H. Moore

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