San Francisco

(A World-Class City)

One's 40th birthday comes around only once in life (well, DUH ...) and, in celebration of mine, I flew with a friend to San Francisco to party and feast and take in the sites. 
I had spent a month one day in San Francisco, back in 1978, when I took a Greyhound bus from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey so that I could buy a stereo receiver,  and was accosted by every conceivable sort of whacko.  I witnessed a street fight between "Reborn Christians" from the Union Mission and Hare Krishnas, who hurled religious books and obscenities at each other while several hundred Japanese tourists took photographs and could not wait to get back on the plane and show everyone back home what Americans were REALLY like.  It gave me a less-than-favorable impression of the city, one which, I am happy to say, was completely changed by this visit. 
Sy's good friends Roscoe and Wendy, owners of the acclaimed Rivoli Restaurant in Berkeley, were kind enough to put up with us for four days. If you should ever be in Berkeley, please make a point of visiting their restaurant. We had dinner one night at Chez Pannise, a legendary restaurant in Berkeley, which was very good, but the next night we ate at Rivoli, and it blew Chez Panisse out of the water. It was the best meal I have ever eaten, and I have eaten many.
As much as I love Atlanta, I must admit that it is a cow town compared to San Francisco.  It is simply one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.  Following is some of what I saw:
The Oakland Bay Bridge China Town Spam Man in China Town The Beer Man of Alcatraz Golden Gate Bridge Another Shot Spam Man at the Golden Gate Bridge
Lombard Street The Man Bird of Alcatraz Monterey More of Monterey Your Humble Narrator at Fisherman's Wharf Penny for your Thoughts Rivoli Restaurant (The BEST MEAL you will ever have) Our Gracious Host, Roscoe with Sy Sy & Roscoe, like AGAIN ...
Here they just call it "The Treat" Sunset From Berkeley Hills The Transamerica Building Trolley Car