Do you have a name-brand desktop computer you bought several years ago?  You don't have to toss it out.  It would still make an excellent paper weight or door stop. 

I got my first computer about five years ago. It was a x386 with a 33 MHz processor my company was tossing out.  I also got some very sage advice at that time from a friend in the computer business.  He said: 

"Don't waste your money trying to upgrade that thing.  Take what you can salvage from it and buy a medium tower case.  You should not care about a name brand on the OUTSIDE of the box.  Buy a plain white box and stock it on the INSIDE with the best name brand components." 

 He was absolutely right. 

One major problem with many of the name-brand computers on the market is that they use proprietary equipment.  You HAVE to buy components from the original manufacturer in order to upgrade the computer.  Sometimes they even use proprietary RAM, so that you can only buy their RAM if you want to upgrade. Also, the video and sound cards are often integrated into the motherboards, meaning that, if you have a problem with the video or sound, you might have to replace the entire motherboard.  

If you have a computer custom-made for you, using industry-standard, upgradeable components, you will have a computer which can grow with you.  If you run out of hard disk space, you can add another hard disk.  If it's too slow, you can upgrade the processor, add more RAM, upgrade to the latest sound or video card you've read about.  You can keep up with technology and not be left in the dust.  And you can have exactly what you want.  

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