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The Centennial Olympic Games

As you may know, the city of Atlanta was recently host to the Centennial Olympic Games, which, despite a tragic event, went very well. Juan Antonio Samaranch, head honcho of the International Olympic Committee and a very dour little curmudgeon, could not find it in his heart to say that the Centennial Olympic Games were "the best ever." That's okay. We're taking up a collection to buy him an enema. Besides, we KNOW that they were the best ever, and that he's just jealous. Anyway, here's what I saw:

The Centennial Olympic Park

Celebrities and Other Oddities

Olympic Art

The Olympic City

Atlanta In the Spring

Autumn in Atlanta

Autumn in Atlanta (Part 2)

Winter in Atlanta

The Fabulous Fox Theater

The Fourth of July (including the Peachtree Road Race and fireworks at Lenox Square)

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Music Midtown

The 191 Peachtree Building as seen from the Sundial at the Peachtree Plaza

The View toward Midtown Atlanta from the Sundial at the Peachtree Plaza

Sunset in Atlanta

Water Lillies in Piedmont Park

Zoo Atlanta