Washington, D.C.

Pretty Darned Impressive

In May, 2000 I went to visit my good friend, Randall, in our nation's capitol.  He was kind enough to whiz me around the city in his Alfa Romeo so that I could take some pictures.  Here they are.
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The Albert Einstein Statue

 (No, he's not one of the guys who started that bagel company...)

Randall and Albert.jpg (27669 bytes)  Steve and Albert.jpg (27669 bytes)

Randall and your humble narrator posing with Albert

Motorcade 1.jpg (27669 bytes)  Motorcade 2.jpg (27669 bytes)  Motorcade 3.jpg (27669 bytes)

The Presidential Motorcade

Randy In The Rose Garden.jpg (27669 bytes)  Randall 1  Randall and the Washington Monument  Randall and the Potomac

Randall in his Rose Garden / Randall in his Garden / Randall and the Washington Monument/ Randall crossing the Potomac

Randall and Sunset.jpg (27669 bytes)  D.C. Sunset 1  D.C. Sunset 2