The Castle

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From the first day we arrived in Lisbon, we could not help but notice a castle sitting up on the hill, seemingly just a few short blocks from the heart of the city.  It was illuminated at night, and you really could not help but notice it everywhere we went, so Renata checked her Lonely Planet guide book and penciled a visit to the castle into our schedule.  Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to trying to judge distances in Lisbon, as a result of the city being built into seven hills.  It ended up taking us hours to hike up the hills to the castle.  By the time we got up there, I was sweating profusely and experiencing some of the most intense back pain I have ever had.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that the combination of sweat and intense pain puts me into a less-than-pleasant mood, but Renata tolerated my complaints like a champ and, once we got some food and drink into our systems, I was able to enjoy the incredible views from up there.  And we took a cab back down that hill, which only costs three Euros.  If you visit it, TAKE THE TAXI.


Castle at Night  Lisbon 10

Castle 12

Castle 1 Castle 9

Castle 2

 Castle 11 Castle 3

 Castle 12 Castle 4

Castle 10

Castle 5

Castle 6Castle 7

Castle 12

Castle 8

Castle 11

Castle 14Castle 15

Castle 19

Castle 17Castle 16

Castle 18



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