Like New York on Acid

In June, 2000 I went to visit London (England, not Kentucky) for the first time, which was a long wait, considering that I have worked for my company (a global venture of British Telecom and AT&T) for over five years. It is quite a large city, with a huge, very diverse population.  

You could not pay me enough money to be a London cabbie.  They require an excellent knowledge of the city (they can take you anywhere, from memory) as well as NERVES OF STEEL, as the throngs of maniacal motorcyclists and bicyclists dart in and out of traffic with only an inch of clearance on either side.  True dare devils.  And don't get me started on the pedestrians.

On my second day there, I took the "Big Bus Tour" and saw quite a lot of the city.  I saw the rest of the city by getting lost several times, a talent for which I am now legendary.  I cannot remember when I have done so much walking, nor when I have seen so many people.  New York City seems tame by comparison.


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Abbey Road Studios 1

Abbey Road


Buckingham Palace 1

Buckingham Palace


Coal Hole 1

Friends and other Sights for Sore Eyes


Westminster Clock Tower 2

The Thames


Tower Bridge 3 a

Tower Bridge


Trafalgar Square 2

Trafalgar Square