Hermi's Bridge

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Hermi's Bridge (a 2-span, 280-ft.-long, pin-connected, Pratt, through-truss bridge constructed by the Cotton States Bridge Co.) was built in 1903 by Fulton and Cobb Counties as a single-lane auto bridge to replace Hardy's Ferry, a ferryboat which operated across the Chattahoochee River.  The bridge was abandoned in 1974, when it was replaced by the two-lane concrete bridge which is used today.  Cecil Alexander, a prominent Atlanta architect and his wife, Hermione ("Hermi") Weil Alexander led an effort to keep the bridge as a pedestrian crossing, instead of destroying it.  Hermi raised money to preserve the structure.  Following her tragic death in 1983, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners honored Cecil Alexander's  request to dedicate the bridge to the woman who did so much to keep it.   The bridge is now in disrepair, but Cecil Alexander has spearheaded the effort to save the bridge by appealing to Fulton and Cobb Counties to secure a federal grant and matching funds from Cobb County, the City of Atlanta and the PATH Foundation to restore it.  Mr. Alexander asked me photograph the progress.  These are photos from the first shoot, prior to the start of the restoration.

8 December 2006 CRW_7660 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7655 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7645 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7646 (web).jpg

 8 December 2006 CRW_7648 (web).jpg8 December 2006 CRW_7650 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7651 (web).jpg8 December 2006 CRW_7652 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7653 (web).jpg  8 December 2006 CRW_7657 (web).jpg  

8 December 2006 CRW_7659 (web).jpg  8 December 2006 CRW_7662 (web).jpg

 8 December 2006 CRW_7664 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7690 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7691 (web).jpg

 8 December 2006 CRW_7674 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7694 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7668 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7669 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7680 (web).jpg

8 December 2006 CRW_7708 (web).jpg 8 December 2006 CRW_7677 (web).jpg