4 July 2008

Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall

The Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall is a 3/4 scale traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which travels across the United States, giving people, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to see the actual memorial in Washington, D.C., the opportunity to read the names of the over 58,000 Americans who died or are missing in Vietnam.

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4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0001.jpg 4-July-2008-D2_MG_0129.jpg


4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0006.jpg 4-July-2008-D2_MG_0069.jpg

 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0147.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0037.jpg

4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0094.jpg  4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0121.jpg

4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0113.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0112.jpg

4-July-2008-D2_MG_0007.jpg  4-July-2008-D2_MG_0108.jpg  

4-July-2008-D2_MG_0076.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0111.jpg


  4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0025.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0053.jpg

4-July-2008-D2_MG_0001.jpg 4-July-2008-D2_MG_0002.jpg

4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0094.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0116.jpg

4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0009.jpg 4-July-2008-D1-CRW_0137.jpg