27 September 2008

The Dog Park at Piedmont Park

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"You round 'em up, I'll shoot 'em"


  27 Sep 2008_MG_0007 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0008 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0014 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0015 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0017 (web).jpg   27 Sep 2008_MG_0018 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0019 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0022 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0023 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0025 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0026 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0027 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0029 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0030 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0031 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0032 (web).jpg

 27 Sep 2008_MG_0033 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0034 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0035 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0036 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0037 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0039 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0042 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0043 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0044 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0045 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0050 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0053 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0054 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0055 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0058 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0060 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0063 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0066 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0068 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0069 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0070 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0071 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0072 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0075 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0076 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0077 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0078 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0079 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0080 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0084 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0085 (web).jpg  27 Sep 2008_MG_0086 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0089 (web).jpg 27 Sep 2008_MG_0090 (web).jpg

27 Sep 2008_MG_0093 (web).jpg

 27 Sep 2008_MG_0097 (web).jpg27 Sep 2008_MG_0101 (web).jpg