24 July 2009

Hermi's Bridge Renovation

The renovation of Hermi's Bridge has begun.  Cecil A. Alexander spearheaded the effort to have the bridge renovated, working with Fulton and Cobb Counties to secure a federal grant and matching funds from Cobb County, the City of Atlanta and the PATH Foundation.

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24-July-2009-D1_MG_0002.jpg   24-July-2009-D1_MG_0007.jpg

 24-July-2009-D1_MG_0013.jpg  24-July-2009-D1_MG_0020.jpg  

24-July-2009-D1_MG_0021.jpg  24-July-2009-D1_MG_0041.jpg   

24-July-2009-D1_MG_0024.jpg  24-July-2009-D1_MG_0045.jpg 24-July-2009-D1_MG_0048.jpg   24-July-2009-D1_MG_0059.jpg 24-July-2009-D1_MG_0065.jpg


24-July-2009-D1_MG_0076.jpg  24-July-2009-D1_MG_0077.jpg

24-July-2009-D1_MG_0078.jpg 24-July-2009-D1_MG_0079.jpg

 24-July-2009-D1_MG_0080.jpg  24-July-2009-D1_MG_0081.jpg