23 August 2008

Atlanta Shots

My friend, David Lehman, was kind enough to act as designated driver when we went to the GACC Bierfest in downtown Atlanta.  We took MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) to get down there.    Although posters were in abundance prohibiting all manner of activities (from consuming food and drink to listening to music without headphones), none of them specifically listed "photography," so I took some pictures on the way downtown.  On the way back, we took the wrong train and had to wait for about 30 minutes at one of the stations.  David pointed out to me that a mouse was sitting near my foot.  As I had gone to the Bierfest to take pictures, I still had all of my photo gear out and positioned myself to take some shots of the mouse, when a female MARTA employee approached to admonish me for attempting to take pictures, which, she pointed out,  was prohibited.  When David told her that I was trying to take a picture of a mouse, she shrieked and ran about 50 feet away.  The mouse got away ...

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