15 March 2008


When my nearly-antique Land Yacht once again needed repair, I put it in the capable hands of John Connell, the owner of The Shop, in Woodstock, Georgia.  While there, John graciously allowed me to photograph his very cool dragster, which I can't wait to see in action. 

If you need your car fixed and did not recently win the lottery, I would highly suggest that you visit him:

The Shop

9805 Main Street

Woodstock, GA

Phone: 770-516-1919

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15-March-2008_MG_1682.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1683.jpg


15-March-2008_MG_1684.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1672.jpg

15-March-2008_MG_1687.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1690.jpg

15-March-2008_MG_1688.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1692.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1695.jpg15-March-2008_MG_1697.jpg15-March-2008_MG_1698.jpg15-March-2008_MG_1699.jpg 15-March-2008_MG_1702.jpg