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Stephen H. Moore - Ace Photographer


 21-Oct-03--165.jpg CRW_2828_JFR.jpg WWII-CRW_6703.jpg Dobbins-AS-0295-Detail-copy.jpg CRW_9246.jpg

 Mike & Isabelle Ferrusi Portrait I.jpg 2-CRW_0023-Light-Clouds-I.jpg  DSGMCRW_0563.jpg AT2%20CRW_9473.jpg CRW_7461.jpg 14-May-2006-D2-CRW_0398-(web).jpg

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What on earth are Squinkles?


Attention Annette:  I accidentally erased your e-mail and was unable to retrieve it.  I took pictures of you and your companion among the bikes at the Central Station in Amsterdam and was happy to hear from you after all this time, but I hit the wrong button and your e-mail was gone without a trace  I called my internet service provider, but there was nothing they could do.  If you should see this, please send me another e-mail.